Research Areas

Professor Alan Allgeier with graduate student Simon Velasques Morales working in their research lab


Looking to solve major world problems, our award winning faculty focus on many topics within the scope of catalysis such as homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, and photoelectrocatalysis.

Post-doctoral research Raj Kore working in the Shiflett lab

Sustainable Engineering

Researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds in chemical engineering, chemistry, environmental engineering, and petroleum engineering are focused on developing sustainable solutions to grand challenges that are essential to humanity: (1) sustainable energy, (2) clean water, (3) available food, and (4) reducing the impacts of climate change.

Student working in the algae tanks

Biomedical and Biomaterials Engineering

Our diverse faculty use a combination of chemistry, chemical engineering, and bioengineering to design novel biomaterials such as polymers, biological drug delivery devices, and hydrogels.

Annie Lynn's hands pouring fluid into a dish in the Robinson lab

Petroleum Engineering

With a long tradition of leading the nation in enhanced oil recovery, our current researchers also work in CO2 sequestration, unconventional reservoir engineering, and use of artificial intelligence for data collection and management.

Several students working in the petroleum senior design lab

Process Optimization

Research in this area focuses on chemical process optimization, process systems engineering, and product design.

Faculty who work in this area include

Students working in the senior lab

Biofuels Lab - Graduate Open House

A tour of the Biofuels lab with graduate student João Poli.

Spotlight on Sustainability Research

Graduate student Abby Harders describing Project EARTH, a research endeavor from Distinguished Foundation Professor Mark Shiflett's Research group.

Spotlight on Biomaterials Research

Assistant Professor Jennifer Robinson highlighting one of her many biomaterials research projects.


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