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Journal Covers from our Researchers

  • ACS Molecular Pharmaceutics cover from March 2024

    Correlating Surface Activity with Interface-Induced Aggregation in a HighConcentration mAb Solution

    Featuring Estephanie L. N. Escobar, Valerie P. Griffin and Prajnaparamita Dhar

  • I&EC research cover from September 2023

    Separation of Refrigerant Gases Using a Copolymer of Perfluoro(2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxole) (PDD) and Vinyl Acetate (VA)

    Featuring Abby N. Harders and her collaborators Sarah Dixon, Brock Hines, Michael Lundin, Whitney White, and Mark B. Shiflett

  • ACS Measurement Science cover from August 2023

    Deconvoluting Kinetic Rate Constants of Catalytic Substrates from Scanning Electrochemical Approach Curves with Artificial Neural Networks

    Featuring Kyle Vincent Camarda, Kevin C. Leonard, graduate student Dinuka Rajapakse and Dylan T. Jantz, and their collaborators Josh Meckstroth and Zijun Yao

  • Journal of Polymer Science cover from April 2023

    Modification of Nafion's nanostructure for the water management of PEM fuel cells

    Featuring Trung Van Nguyen and his collaborators Yuanchao Li, Natalie Linnell Schwab, Robert M. Briber, and Joseph A. Dura

  • I&EC research cover from March 2023

    Solubility, Diffusivity, and Permeability of HFC-32 and HFC-125 in amorphous copolymers of perfluoro(butenyl vinyl ether) and perfluoro(2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxole)

    Featuring Mark B. Shiflett and his team including doctoral student Abby N. Harders, and their collaborators Erin R. Sturd, Luke Wallisch, Yuniva Mendoza-Apodaca, David R. Corbin, Whitney R. White, and Chris P. Junk.

  • ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering cover from August 2022

    Evaluation of Machine Learning Models on Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Using Human Curated Datasets

    Featuring Kevin C. Leonard and graduate student Brianna R. Farris, and their collaborators Tevin Niang-Trost and Michael S. Branicky

  • preview of journal cover listing publish dates

    First measurements for the simultaneous sorption of Difluoromethane and Pentafluoroethane Mixtures in Ionic Liquids Using the Integral Mass Balance Method

    Featuring Mark Shiflett and students Kalin Baca, D. Broom, M. Roper, and M Benham

  • Langmuir journal cover from Feb 15, 2022

    Difluoromethane (HFC-32) and Pentafluoroethane (HFC-125) Sorption on Linde Type A (LTA) Zeolites for the Separation of Azeotropic Hydrofluorocarbon Refrigerant Mixtures

    Featuring Andrew Yancey (graduate student) with David Corbin and Mark Shiflett

  • Front cover of AIChE Journal for Feb 2022

    Extraction of aluminum and iron from bauxite: A unique closed-loop ore refining process utilizing oxalate chemistry

    Featuring Mark Shiflett and David Corbin

  • Cover of January 2022 ACS Journal

    Phase Equilibria and Diffusivities of HFC-32 and HFC-125 in Ionic Liquids for the Separation of R-410A

    Featuring Shiflett Group Members Kalin Baca, Greta Olsen, Lucia Matamoros Valenciano, Madelyn Bennett, Dorothy Haggard and Notre Dame collaborators.

  • Cover of Dec 13, 2021 ACS Sustainability journal

    Carbonate-Derived Multi-Metal Catalysts for Electrochemical Water-Splitting at High Current Densities

    Featuring Kevin Leonard's group

  • cover image of the november 2021 I&EC journal

    Process Designs for Separating R-410A, R-404A, and R-407C Using Extractive Distillation and Ionic Liquid Entrainers

    Featuring Mark Shiflett and Ethan Finberg

  • Cover of the August 9, 2021 ACS Sus Chem Journal

    Organic Electrosynthesis in CO2-eXpanded Electrolytes: Enabling Selective Acetophenone Carboxylation to Atrolatic Acid

    Featuring Kevin Leonard, et al.

  • Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data cover from Nov 2019

    Two articles featured in this High Impact Author Special Issue

    Featuring Mark Shiflett and his research team

  • Green Chemistry Journal Cover from Feb 2020

    Insights into pressure tunable reaction rates for electrochemical reduction of CO2 in organic electrolytes

    Featuring Bala Subramaniam and Kevin Leonard and their research collaborators David Sconyers, Charles Shaughnessy, Hyun-Jin Lee, and James Blakemore

  • ChemSusChem cover from 2020

    Enhancing Molecular Electrocatalysis of CO2 Reduction with Pressure-Tunable CO2-Expanded Electrolytes

    Featuring Charles Shaughnessy, Kevin Leonard, Bala Subramaniam and CEBC researchers

  • Cover of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering from March 2020

    Enhanced Acid-Catalyzed Lignin Depolymerization in a Continuous Reactor with Stable Activity

    Featuring Bala Subramaniam, et al.

  • cover of ACS Langmuir

    Protein Stabilization and Delivery: A Case Study of Invasion Plasmid Antigen D Adsorbed on Porous Silica

    Featuring Nicole Montoya and the Shiflett Group

  • ACS Catalysis Cover art from November 2018

    Correlation of Active Site Precursors and Olefin Metathesis Activity in W-Incorporated Silicates

    Featuring Bala Subramaniam and his team/collaborators

  • Cover of I&EC Journal from September 2019

    Mitigation of Iron and Aluminum Powder Deflagrations via Active Explosion Suppression in a 1 m3 Sphere Vessel

    Featuring Nick Reding, Mark Shiflett, and their collaborators

  • Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Cover from March 2019

    Application of modulation excitation-phase sensitive detection-DRIFTS for in situ/operando characterization of heterogeneous catalysts

    Featuring Juan Bravo Suárez, Priya D. Srinivasan, Bhagyesha Patil, and Hongda Zhu

  • I&EC Research Journal cover from August 2018

    Metal Dust Explosion Hazards: A Technical Review

    Featuring Mark Shiflett and his doctoral student Nicholas Reding

  • Reaction Chemistry & Engineering journal cover from April 2019

    Intensified ozonolysis of lignins in a spray reactor: insights into product yields and lignin structure

    Featuring Bala Subramaniam and his CEBC collaborators

  • ChemSusChem journal cover from 2019

    Intensified Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion in Pressure‐Tunable CO2‐Expanded Electrolytes

    Featuring Kevin Leonard, his PhD graduate Charles Shaughnessy, and their collaborators

  • JVSTA journal cover from October 2018

    Gas and vapor sorption measurements using electronic beam balances

    Featuring Mark Shiflett and his research team David L. Minnick, Tugba Turnaoglu, & Maria Alejandra Rocha

Current Journal Editors

  • Bala Subramaniam, Executive Editor, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
  • Laurence Weatherley, Executive Editor (Past), Chemical Engineering Journal
  • Aaron Scurto, Associated Editor, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
  • Mark Shiflett, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Ionic Liquids

Journal Editorial Boards

  • Kevin Leonard, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

  • Laurence Weatherley, The Chemical Engineering Journal and Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification

Textbooks Published by CPE Faculty

Stanley M. Walas 

Don W. Green with Marylee Southard

Don W. Green and G. Paul Willhite

G. Paul Willhite

RV Chaudhari

Laurence Weatherley

Textbook Chapters (not full list)

  • "Characterization under Practical Conditions: Time-Domain NMR, X-Ray Scattering and Tomography" - Alan Allgeier's Group
  • "Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources: Techniques for Reservoir Engineering Analysis" Collaboration between Reza Barati's Group and KU Researchers