Undergraduate Admissions

Admission into the KU School of Engineering automatically qualifies students to join the Chemical or Petroleum Engineering programs although the process and degree program is competitive.

Students may be admitted to an engineering or computer science degree program as first-year students, but all admissions, for both in-state and out-of-state students, are selective. Applications are judged on several factors such as high school record, scores on national tests, academic record at college or university level, and trend of grades, and more. High school transcripts and ACT scores (or equivalent SAT scores) are required.

Read more about the requirements on the School of Engineering Admissions Page.

More Details

  • Must be admissible to the University of Kansas by assured admissions or individual review AND
  • Have a 3.0+ high school GPA AND
  • Demonstrate mathematics preparedness by:
    • Obtaining a mathematics ACT score of 22+ (or math SAT score of 540+), OR
    • Achieving a ‘B’ or better in ‘college algebra’ or a more advanced mathematics course, OR
    • Achieving a ‘C’ or better in a high school calculus course; OR
    • Earning credit via IB or AP credit for the above-mentioned courses in accordance with KU placement credit requirements; OR
    • Achieving at minimum a qualifying score for MATH 104 on the ALEKS mathematics placement exam.

Transfer students must meet the following:

  • Be admissible to KU AND
  • Earn a cumulative college transferable grade-point average of 2.5+ AND
  • Earn a "C" or better in MATH 125 (Calculus I, or its direct equivalent) AND
  • Earn grades of "C" or better in math, science, and engineering applicable to the engineering degree.

Applications from all transfer students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Students must also complete their last 30 hours of credit at KU. For more information on transfer credits, see Undergraduate Admissions.


Students who are currently enrolled at KU, needs to meet the following:

  • Earn a 2.5+ KU GPA
  • Earn a C or better in MATH 125 or equivalent
  • Earn a C or better in all math, science, and/or engineering courses

Current students admitted to other academic units may apply to the School of Engineering by completing a Change of School form. This must be turned in to the School of Engineering Dean's Office by the appropriate deadlines indicated below.

Please contact a member of our recruitment team, 785-864-3881, if you have any questions. Per University Registrar deadlines for processing, Change of School applications for the fall semester will be accepted until the last Friday in October of each school year; Change of School applications for the spring semester will be accepted until the last Friday in March of each school year.

  • November 1 - Priority scholarship deadline for incoming freshmen
  • December 1 - Deadline to apply for the Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program for incoming freshmen
  • May 1 - Enrollment Deposit Due
  • Last Friday in October - Deadline to submit Change of School applications for fall semester admission
  • Last Friday in March - Deadline to submit Change of School applications for spring semester admission

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