Chair's Welcome

CPE Department at the University of Kansas 

I have never been more excited about being an engineer and the future of our profession. The world is facing some of the biggest challenges that we have ever seen and the faculty in our department are preparing our students to be dynamic engineers that develop new technologies and solutions for a sustainable future. We have a long tradition of combining the very best in innovative teaching with pioneering research to ensure that our students receive a world-class education. We strive to provide our students: 

  • A nurturing and supportive learning environment that values diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity.  

  • A rigorous curriculum that prepares you for life-long learning and provides a strong foundation in technical and human skills to be successful after graduation.  

  • Meaningful research opportunities that are driven by finding solutions to the grand challenges of our society.

  • Courses taught by expert faculty who are committed to innovative teaching and are passionate about your learning and success. 

  • Personal advising and mentoring to help guide you while you are a student and prepare you for a dynamic career.   

  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure an engaging educational experience.   

Our graduates are leaders in industry, national laboratories, and academia and are making an impact globally in areas including catalysis and sustainable engineering, renewable and alternative energy, drug delivery, biomaterials and tissue engineering, data mining and machine learning, enhanced oil and gas recovery, unconventional reservoirs, reservoir characterization and simulation, and flow in porous media. Our alumni network is one of our greatest treasures and the Rock Chalk chant can be heard around the world.   

We are excited about the future of our programs and passionate about educating the engineering leaders of the future. Please feel free to contact me to find out more about our programs or to reconnect with your Jayhawk family. 

Rock Chalk! 

CPE Department Chair