Bala Subramaniam

Distinguished Professor Bala Subramaniam, who directs the Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis (CEBC), performs various catalysis research. Researchers at the CEBC are developing cost-competitive chemical manufacturing processes that prevent waste and conserve natural resources. CEBC's internationally recognized faculty members offer a novel mix of expertise in developing catalytic processes.

Bala Subramaniam pictured in his research lab wearing lab glasses

Alan Allgeier

Dr. Alan Allgeier utilizes experiences from his twenty-year career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to envision and realize revolutionary technologies for the sustainable manufacture of chemicals and materials. His expertise in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis and reactor design have been instrumental in production of large scale (monomers for nylon and polyesters) and small scale (clinical-scale pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals) products.

Alan Allgeier pictured in the lab with grad studente Simon Velasquez Morales

Juan J Bravo-Suárez

Dr. Juan J. Bravo-Suárez’s lab contributes to the development of heterogeneous catalysts for conversion of renewables, abundant feedstocks, and pollutants by a combination of tailor-made catalytic materials, kinetics and in situ/operando spectroscopic techniques and methodologies.

Juan Bravo pictured with four students in his lab

Kevin Charles Leonard

Associate Professor Kevin C. Leonard's research focuses on experimental and data-driven approaches to elucidate electrocatalytic transformation mechanisms on heterogeneous surfaces. Prof. Leonard's research program's overarching goal is to use this understanding to design new electrocatalytic systems to improve the efficiency of and reduce emissions associated with fuel and chemical production.
Specifically, ongoing projects include catalyst design to produce value-added products utilizing water and CO2 as feedstocks, in-situ nano-scale characterization equipment development to intelligently design catalysts, and applying artificial intelligence applications to catalysis.

kevin leonard sitting at his desk with a computer screen filled with data in the background

Ana Rita Morais

Dr. Morais' lab is called the Food, Energy, and Water Laboratory for Sustainability (FEWLS). Their mission is "to study and develop integrated technologies for producing sustainable food & feed products, fuels, chemicals, and potable freshwater for our future generations. Our ultimate goal is not to simply feed our curiosity. We thrive in creating, studying and developing technologies that are part of conceptual systems, which are optimized for environmental sustainability and economical profitability. We hope our holistic research approach can offer a clear difference to our society."

Ana Morais standing outside in front of a river