Process Optimization

Laurence R. Weatherley

Distinguished Professor Laurence Weatherley focuses on green chemistry and is a process engineering specialist. His recent work has been in Process Intensification of Liquid-Liquid Processes. In particular, they are interested in intensifying both mass transfer rates and reaction rates by the application of both high voltage and low voltage electrical fields. Two liquid-liquid reaction systems forming our current focus are (1) Transfer hydrogenation reactions using a homogenous catalyst (2) Enzymatically catalyzed reactions in liquid-liquid systems, for example natural oils undergoing hydrolysis or interesterification. A closely related thread of my research is the study of immobilization of enzymes on to novel polymeric supports to optimize reaction performance with emulsified substrates.

Laurence Weatherley

Alan M. Allgeier

Dr. Alan Allgeier utilizes experiences from his twenty-year career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to envision and realize revolutionary technologies for the sustainable manufacture of chemicals and materials. His expertise in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis and reactor design have been instrumental in production of large scale (monomers for nylon and polyesters) and small scale (clinical-scale pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals) products.

Alan Allgeier with student Jennifer Chen standing in front of her research poster

Kyle V. Camarda

Kyle Camarda’s research includes process systems engineering, product design, optimization and chemical process design.

Kyle Camarda