Vivian Yudistyra Wins 3rd Place in AIChE Poster Competition

The department is thrilled to announce that Vivian Yudistyra, a senior in Chemical Engineering with a Bioengineering focus, won 3rd place in the highly competitive “Food, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology III” Poster Competition section of the Annual American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) meeting in Boston, MA. 

Vivian performs research with the Berkland Drug Delivery Laboratory. Her award-winning poster was entitled “Design of Novel Tumor-Binding Cytokine Immunotherapies for the Intratumoral (IT) Treatment of Solid Tumors.” Vivian has been doing research since summer 2020. She has enjoyed the research so much that it inspired her to decide to continue her education in graduate school once she completes her bachelor's degree at KU. Vivian is applying to graduate schools now and plans to continue researching the areas of immunoengineering and drug delivery.

Vivian would further like to give thanks to “Dr. Berkland for giving me the opportunity to join the competition and my graduate student mentor Aparna Chakravarti for mentoring me. I also want to thank the Center of Undergraduate Research and Honors Program for funding my trip to present in this poster competition.”

Congratulations, Vivian!