Petroleum Engineering

Masoud Kalantari Selected for “Breakthrough Research of the Year” at the 2022 ADIPEC Awards

Xiaoli Li's PVT Lab Video

The Pressure, Volume, Temperature (PVT fluids lab in KU’s Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department is used to study the properties of fluids under a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions. The lab works on both experimental measurement and theoretical modeling for phase and flow behavior of conventional and unconventional reservoir fluids (gas, oil and water).

Reza Barati Ghahfarokhi

Prof. Reza Barati's Unconventional Research Lab focuses on three main themes: Enhanced Oil Recovery, Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing and Acid Treatment Research, and Unconventional Reservoir Research.

Reza Barati

Amirmasoud Kalantari-Dahaghi

Dr. Kalantari's research combines petroleum engineering, data mining, artificial intelligence, and computer science.

Masoud Kalantari

Xiaoli (Laura) Li

Dr. Xiaoli Li's research expands the topics of CO2 sequestration, Phase behavior of solvents-reservoir fluids systems, and Multi-phase flow in porous media.

Xiaoli Li

Shahin Negahban

Dr. Negahban's research focuses on enhanced oil recovery.

Shahin Negahban speaking to a group of students and faculty

Russell D. Ostermann

Dr. Ostermann serves as the Director for Undergraduate Studies in Petroleum Engineering.

Russ Ostermann