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Lance Lobban
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  • Professor, University of Oklahoma

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Lance Lobban is professor of chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma, where he has been on the faculty since 1987. He holds the Francis W. Winn Chair in chemical engineering, and has been the director of the school since 1998. He received his BS in chemical engineering from KU in 1981 and his PhD from the University of Houston in 1987. His current research interests involve thermochemical and catalytic conversion of biomass to liquid fuels and chemicals. He is the author or coauthor of over 50 archival publications and book chapters and three patents, and has received several teaching awards at OU.


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, 1981
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering , University of Houston, 1987

Selected Publications

Sooknoi, T.; Danuthai, T.; Lobban, L.L.; Mallinson, R.G. and Resasco, D.E. “Deoxygenation of Methyl Esters over CsNaX,” Journal of Catalysis, 258 (2008), pp. 199-209.

Zhu, X., Hoang, T.; Lobban, L.L. and Mallinson, R.G. “Significant Improvement in Activity and Stability of Pt/TiO2 Catalyst for Water Gas Shift Reaction via Controlling the Amount of Na Addition of Na,” Catalysis Letters, 129 (2009), pp. 135.

Zhu, X., Hoang, T.; Lobban, L.L. and Mallinson, R.G. “Plasma Reforming of Glycerol for Synthetic Gas Production,” Chemical Communications, 2009, DOI: 10.1039/B823410H.

Do, P.T.; Chiappero, M.; Lobban, L.L. and Resasco, D.E. “Catalytic Deoxygenation of Methyl Octanoate And Methyl Stearate on Pt/Al2O3,” Catalysis Letters, 130 (2009), pp. 9-18.

Pham, T.; Lobban, L.L. Resasco, D.E. and Mallinson, R.G. “Hydrogenation and Hydrodeoxygenation Of 2-methyl-2-pentenal on Supported Metal Catalysis,” Journal of Catalysis, 266 (2009), pp. 9-14.

Zhu, X., Hoang, T.; Lobban, L.L. and Mallinson, R.G. “Low CO Content Hydrogen Production from Bio-ethanol using a Combined Plasma Reforming-catalytic Water Gas Shift Reactor,” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 94 (2010), pp. 311-317.

Pham, T.; Crossley, S.P.; Sooknoi, T.; Lobban, L.L.; Resasco, D.E. and Mallinson, R.G. “Etherfication of 2-methyl-pentanal on Supported Palladium Catalysts,” Applied Catalysis A: General, 379 (2010), pp. 135-140.

Hoang, T.Q.; Zhu, X.; Danuthai, T.; Lobban, L.L.; Resasco, D.E. and Mallinson R.G. “Conversion of Glycerol to Alkyl-aromatics over Zeolites,” Energy and Fuels, 24 (2010), pp. 3804-3809.

Hoang, T.Q.; Zhu, X.; Lobban, L.L.; Resasco, D.E. and Mallinson R.G. “Effects of HZSM-5 Crystallite Size on Stability and Alkyl-aromatics Product Distribution from Conversion of Propanol.” Catalysis Communications, 11 (2010), No. 11, pp. 977-981.

Zhu, X.; Lobban, L.L.; Resasco, D.E. and Mallinson, R.G. “Tailoring the Mesospore Structure of HZSM-5 To Control Product Distribution in the Conversion of Propanol,” Journal of Catalysis, 271 (2010), pp. 88-98.

Awards & Honors

Member: AIChE, ACS, SE, Sigma Xi.

Brandon H. Griffin Award for Excellent Qualities in Teaching, Advising and Support, 2006.

Francis W. Winn Chair, 2000.

Lloyd G. and Joyce Austin Presidential Professor, 2000.

Kerr-McGee Distinguished Lectureship Award, 1998.

Regents' Award for Superior Teaching, 1996.

Outstanding Chemical Engineering Instructor, 2009, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1998, 1996, 1992.

OU Student Association Outstanding Professor in the College of Engineering, 1994.

Gulf-Western Engineering Lectureship Award, 1994.

Richard M. Cyert Outstanding Team Award, 1993 (Awarded for contributions in the recruitment of National Scholars to OU).

Baldwin Study/Travel Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 1992.

Mortar Board Top Ten Faculty, University of Oklahoma, 1990.