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Mark B. Shiflett
Shiflett Research

Research topics include: 
Focus on ionic liquids, gas hydrates, water purification, gas systems, and more

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Image result for laurence weatherley greenLaurence Weatherley 

Biodiscovery Lab

Image result for laurence weatherley KU green chemistry

Research topics include: Focus on Green Chemistry 
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Bala Subramianiam Image result for bala subramaniam cebc

Check out his amazing YouTube Video! 

Research topics include: Focus on Green Catalysis (link) [

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Alan M. Allgeier

Allgeier Research Group

Research topics include: Sustainable manufacturing, Continuous Processing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Characterization of porous materials









Fuel Cell Test Lab
Trung Van Nguyen's Lab 

Research topics include: Fuel cells and batteries and mathematical modeling of electrochemical systems

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Susan Williams 
KU Biodiesel Initiative

Research topics include: Focus on Biofuels- Feedstock to Tailpipe Initiative 

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Petroleum Engineering & Enhanced Oil Recovery

Reza Barati
Barati Research Group Website

Research topics include: Hydraulic fracturing and acidizing of unconventional reservoirs, Characterization and simulation of tight oil and gas reservoirs, Oilfield nanoparticles CO2 EOR-Mobility and conformance control, and Enhanced water-flooding through modifications of injection-brine



Laura (Xiaoli) Li

Research topics include: CO2 enhanced oil recovery and storage, Phase behavior of solvents-reservoir fluids systems, Multi-phase flow in porous media, Shale gas reservoir development, and Anti-scaling and anti-waxing in oilfield




Shahin Negahban 

Research topics include: Hydrogen engergy systems, Enhanced oil recovery, Petrophysics, and Modeling. 





Amirmasoud Kalantari

Research topics include: Classic Reservoir Engineering, Numerical Simulation for Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs, EOR and Pattern Recognition & Data Mining Applications in Reservoir Engineering, Numerical Modeling and Simulation, and Data Driven/Pattern Recognition Based





Russ Ostermann

Research topics include: Petroleum transport properties, phase behavior, and biochemical engineering.

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Hospitality Suite at the Annual AIChE Conference | Sunday, November 10th | 7:30 - 9:30PM | Blue Spring Room, Hyatt Regency Orlando

Nick Reding's Final Thesis Defense | Monday, November 25th | 9:00 - 10:00AM | 1 Eaton (Dean's Conference Room)

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