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CPE Lab Inspections

Laboratory Inspections

Perform your monthly lab inspection using this checklist. Then, report your findings using the form below. The purpose is to identify and correct safety concerns, housekeeping problems, chemical hygiene issues, etc. Key points to remember:

  • If you witness unsafe procedures, you are obligated to politely ask your lab mate to follow the rules.
  • If someone points out a violation you are committing, take corrective action. Do not be offended — it is the rule.
  • If you witness repeated violations or reckless behavior, report it to the department chair, Laurence Weatherley (lweather@ku.edu). Reports will be handled confidentially, and may involve a follow-up meeting and/or disciplinary action.
  • Copy of the Lab Inspection Form
(List the question numbers from the checklist that failed the inspection)
Note: This inspection report will be available to all registered CPE users. Do not name individuals in this form.
(Attach the inspection forms and/or pictures if needed)
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png tif txt html pdf doc docx.

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