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Research Labs

Main Research Labs:

(located 3 miles west of main campus)

CPE Faculty associated with CEBC include:
Bala Subramianiam (Director of CEBCCheck out his amazing YouTube Video! Focus on Green Catalysis (link[Lab Card]

Shiflett Research (Distinguished Foundation Professor Mark B. Shiflett's Lab) Focus on ionic liquids, gas hydrates, water purification, gas systems, and more [Lab Card]

RV Chaudhari (Deputy Director of CEBCHomogeneous catalysis, sustainability, and green catalysis

Laurence Weatherley (CPE Department ChairFocus on Green Chemistry [Lab Card]

Franklin (Feng) Tao (Franklin (Feng) Tao Research Group) Focus on nanocatalysis and molecular catalytic reactions [Lab Card]

Kevin Leonard (The Leonard Labfocus on Electrocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry [Lab Card]

Juan Bravo-Suarez (In Situ and Operando Spectroscopy (iOS) Laboratoryfocus on Heterogeneous Catalysis and spektrokinetics [Lab Card]

Alan Allgeier Sustainable manufacturing, Continuous Processing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Characterization of porous materials [LAB CARD]

Karen Nordheden CO2 conversion and microfabrication [Lab Card]

Aaron Scurto Catalysis and Ionic Liquids

{CEBC's 2017-2018 Annual Report}

CPE Faculty associated with TORP include:

Shahin Negahban (Director)
Reza Barati
Masoud Kalantari
Laura (Xiaoli) Li
Russ Ostermann

Fuel Cell/Bio Fuels Research: 

Fuel Cell Test Lab- Trung Van Nguyen's Lab [Lab Card]

Susan Williams (Stagg-Williams GroupFocus on Biofuels- Feedstock to Tailpipe Initiative [Lab Card]

Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Research:

Berkland Drug Development Lab- Cory Berkland's Lab Autoimmunity and Tolerance Re-Introduction, Cellular response to bio-materials, and Gene delivery

Immune Engineering Lab- Brandon DeKosky's Lab [Lab Card]

Molecular Engineering and Interfacial Nanomedicine LabPrajna Dhar's Lab Interfacial phenomena such as lipid-protein interactions [Lab Card]

KU Hydrogel Lab- Stevin Gehrke's Lab polymers, biomimetic materials, and hydrogels for drug delivery [Lab Card]

Mei He's Lab (website TBA - Profile linkBio-Inspired Nano/Micro Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Bioprinting of Living Tissue Foundry, and Extracellular Vesicles for Cancer Immunotherapy [Lab Card]

- Arghya Paul's Lab Biomimetic nanotransporters, Advanced bio-materials for stem cell-based cardiac repair, and Medical Implants with immune-modulation properties [Lab Card]

therobinsonlab - Jennifer Robinson's Lab Hormones and cell response, Bio-materials with tunable release of hormone receptors, and Regeneration of complex tissue [Lab Card]

Other Faculty Researchers:

Kyle Camarda Computational research  and advanced programming

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Friday June 14th - Kyle Stephens' Thesis Defense | 366 Ritchie Hall | 10:00AM

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