Our talented faculty members and research staff cover all aspects of Catalysis from homogeneous to heterogeneous to electrocatalysis.

Bala Subramianiam 
(Director of CEBC;
Distinguished Professor) 

Check out his amazing YouTube Video! 

Research topics include: Focus on Green Catalysis (link

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Mark B. Shiflett
Shiflett Research 
(Distinguished Foundation Professor)

Research topics include: Focus on ionic liquids, gas hydrates, water purification, gas systems, and more

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RV Chaudhari 
(Deputy Director of CEBC;
Distinguished Professor) 

Research topics include: Homogeneous catalysis, sustainability, and green catalysis




Laurence Weatherley 
(CPE Department Chair;
Distinguished Professor) 

Research topics include: Focus on Green Chemistry

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Susan Williams 
KU Biodiesel Initiative

Research topics include: Focus on Biofuels- Feedstock to Tailpipe Initiative 

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Franklin (Feng) Tao 
(Franklin (Feng) Tao Research Group
(Associate Professor)

Research topics include: Focus on nanocatalysis and molecular catalytic reactions 

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Kevin Leonard 
The Leonard Lab
(Associate Professor)


Research topics include: focus on Electrocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry 

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 Alan M. Allgeier
Allgeier Research Group
(Associate Professor)

Research topics include: Sustainable manufacturing, Continuous Processing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Characterization of porous materials




Juan Bravo-Suarez 
In Situ and Operando Spectroscopy (iOS) Laboratory
(Assistant Professor)

Research topics include: focus on Heterogeneous Catalysis and spektrokinetics

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Karen Nordheden 
(Associate Professor)


Research topics include: CO2 conversion and microfabrication 

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Aaron Scurto 
(Associate Professor)


Research topics include: Catalysis and Ionic Liquids




Many of these faculty members work at the prestigious CEBC labs:

(located 3 miles west of main campus)

{CEBC's 2018 Annual Report}

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