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Image result for stevin gehrke KU hydrogelKU Hydrogel Lab

Stevin Gehrke's Lab 

 Research topics include: polymers, biomimetic materials, and hydrogels for drug delivery 

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Molecular Engineering and Interfacial Nanomedicine Lab 

Prajna Dhar's Lab 

 Research topics include: Interfacial phenomena such as lipid-protein interactions 

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Image result for jenny robinson KUTherobinsonlab 

Jennifer Robinson's Lab 

Research topics include: Hormones and cell response, Bio-materials with tunable release of hormone receptors, and Regeneration of complex tissue 

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Cory Berkland's Lab 

Research topics include: Autoimmunity and Tolerance Re-Introduction, Cellular response to bio-materials, and Gene delivery



Image result for dekosky labImmune Engineering Lab 

Brandon DeKosky's Lab 

Research topics include: Vaccines, Immunology, Virology, Disease Correlates, Molecular Biotechnology, Therapeutic Proteins, Antibody Discovery 

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Kyle Camarda 

Research topics include: Computational research, optimization, and advanced programming




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